EUROfusion is pleased to announce the selection of Ambrogio Fasoli as the new Programme Manager Elect of EUROfusion by the EUROfusion General Assembly at their quarterly meeting on 18-19 July following a rigorous selection process.

In this role, Ambrogio Fasoli will lead the EUROfusion Programme Management Unit (PMU) and oversee the programme’s implementation. With their extensive background and experience in the field of fusion energy research, Ambrogio Fasoli brings a wealth of knowledge and their unique perspective to the position.

The selection of Ambrogio Fasoli comes at a pivotal time for fusion energy research, as EUROfusion continues to push the boundaries of scientific innovation and collaboration. The EUROfusion General Assembly expressed confidence in Ambrogio Fasoli’s ability to address the challenges faced by the European fusion energy research community and drive the programme towards new breakthroughs.

EUROfusion and Slovenian fusion association welcome Ambrogio Fasoli to their role as Programme Manager Elect of EUROfusion and looks forward to what’s ahead.